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 ئاماده‌ین بۆ کردنه‌وه‌ی خول و مه‌شقی تایبه‌تی به‌رگری له‌خۆ کردن

بۆ گشت دام و ده‌زگاو قوتابخانه‌ و کۆمپانیاکان

Spesial self-defense course for anyone

Sensei Akoi in action, Unsu Kata



The course consists of 10 different karate lessons

A self-defense course

by Sensei Shakhawan Karim Akoi,
7th dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate-do & Indo-Ryu
Official Kata and Kumite referee.

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You can register via mobile number 0750.4036392.

he course is intended for anyone who feel insecure and want to have more confidence.
The techniques are very effective, reliable, simple and very easy to learn.

Which these techniques can be performed in stressful situations no matter what your physical condition, strength or age.

Why a Self-defense course?

· You Learn yourself to be assert.

· You will seem self-aware.

· You will develop more confidence.

· You will feel safer in almost any environment and situation.

· You will learn different postures (offensive and defensive)

In our courses you will learn

· Handle different conflicts aggression.

· The targeting for punches and kicks.

· Pack on the body and neutralizing them.

· With the use of everyday objects to protect yourself.

· To deal with luggage in your arms, wrists and neck.

· To deal with strangulations.

· Sexual harassment and domestic violence to be avoided.

Our course

Our courses consist of 5 classes. The lessons are based on relationship BaseT situations. And of course, will the verbal and physical techniques are also addressed. The course includes examination and certificate of participation.

Minimum of 6 students per course module.

Free trial
Contact us to make an appointment for a free trial. Children are welcome from 10 years and older. Are you wondering how we treat children in class?

We invite you to come to trial lesson to attend!

International Karate-Do Akoi Organization (IKAO)

IKAO. offers everyone the opportunity to take a free trial. Looking is not possible, you can join it!

You can rotate a lesson to see if karate is for you and / or the like class.
A tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt where you can move to meet a great lesson to help out!

It is appreciated if you prior to the lesson an appointment.


Parents can test lesson the children will remember. We consider it important that parents consciously choose where they send their children to class.

Partly because of activity in education, we know how important it is that your child is properly supervised.

Shakhawan Akoi in Kurdistan 09 april 2012 result 6 medals
of Open Erbil Government Karate Championships 


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